The Cosplay Giantess

When going to a fancy dress party a giantess likes to make sure she goes as the right thing  but she has to be aware that someone may come dressed as the same thing as her. This giantess was so eager to go that she forgot to read the whole invitation properly. When she made it to the city the tiny people just stared up at her some stared at her in amazement, others where confused as to why she was in a costume  and some just simply ran to safety. When she past a building she noticed the three tiny people where standing on the roof  trying to get her attention. The giantess saw the tiny people she was supposed to meet but to her surprise she noticed that they weren’t in any costume. The giantess felt embarrassed that she had misunderstood her invitation but the tiny people thought her costume was really good as they gazed up in amazement at all the hard work the giantess did on her costume.


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