The City Needs A Little Re-modeling

Not all giantesses destroy a city just for fun some will either destroy a city while looking for one particular tiny person or some will destroy a city by accident as they trying to make their way through. This giantess didn’t like the city how it was as it had too many big building blocking the people’s view of her  so she decided to do what she called remodeling but the tiny people down bellow didn’t think of it as remodeling as they knew that she wouldn’t rebuild it again. The giantess knew that her project was going to kill a lot of tiny people but it was worth it just to have the city how she liked it and nobody could stop her. The giantess wondered around the city looking for somewhere to start and when she saw two tall buildings she knew that it was a perfect place to start as they were stopping the tiny people on the other side of the city from seeing her.  The Giantess began by knocking down one of the buildings killing everyone inside.


158642 - brunette buildings collage destruction dress giantess helicopter kelly_brook sky smile wonderslug

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