The Casino’s Main Attraction

Most people think that the main feature of a casino is the showgirls. They are so popular that everyone seems to forget about the waitresses who come round to offer them drinks but that all changed when the manager of one casinos decided to hire a giantess. Luckily for him the casino was big enough to accommodate a giantess. The sight of a giantess went down a storm as word got out that a giantess was working as a waitress many people from far and wide came to the casino just to see her. The giantess really enjoyed the attention she was getting but the problem was is that instead of doing her job and serving drinks to her customers she has lavishing in the attention she was getting from them. This left the manager wondering if he should have have hired the giantess as a showgirl instead of waitress.


160414 - blonde blue_eyes bunny_suit casino clothed drawing giantess hand_held indoors las_vegas lipstick mole ponytail


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