The Biggest Strip 4 Comic Release

J Yubari and the team at Giantess Fan present the final part of the biggest strip series . Not only does this issue have all the theme that will please giantess fans but it also introduces two new themes called transformation and worship. In this issue Scarlet not only grows into a giga-gts but she transforms from a giantess with long brown hair to a giantess with short red hair as she now considers herself a goddess. For those people who enjoyed the first three issues of the biggest strip this issue is a must as it has alot of giantess action and classic themes like vore and crush aswell as alot of growth.




Scarlet, a stripper turned giantess, has grown again. First became the spotlight of the strip club and then became the strip club, turning her prior competitors to mere body servants and eventually snacks. But the time of playfulness is over; now is the time of the Goddess!

Tags: giantess, insertion, vore, crush, giant couple, sex, transformation,worship

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