That’s No Place For A Tiny Man

When bathing most giantesses like to be left alone in peace and quiet. There are a few giantesses however, that enjoy the company of the tiny people just as long as they stay where she can see them. One little man however thought it’d be funny to swim bellow the water and see of he could get to the giantess’s butt. The giantess didn’t notice the little man as she was too busy bathing but when she got up she felt something moving in her butt. When she looked behind her she saw the tiny man was trying to get out of her butt. The tiny man was disappointed that he couldn’t get out of her bikini and the giantess was extremely angry that he’d go to her butt without her knowledge. The tiny man thought she was going to take him out but  to his surprise she decided to keep him there until she decided he’d had learn’t his lesson.


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