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Trick or Eat

On the night of Halloween the people of the city was out trick or treating each in their own costume and getting candy fro different houses. The night was still young when 2 vampires arrived but these where no ordinary vampires oh no these where giant vampires who needed the life force of humans to […]

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Confronting A Giantess

After rampaging the city, the giantess had successfully cleared everyone out and destroyed her fair share of building along the way. One brave tiny man decided enough was enough and tried to stand up to the rampaging giantess. The tiny man must have had a death wish as moments later a giant hand came out […]

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Blast From The Past

It was a normal in the city as people were  going about their day to day lives but then something strange happened. A scientist was working on a portal to view that past and it was now ready for testing. The portal worked great and the scientist was pleased with the result but there was […]

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A Disastrous Aftermath

After the fall of the giantess the tinies in the neighboring town thought she was down for good. The Giantess however was down but she most certainly was not out but because she was top heavy she was unable to get up. She wanted to show that she could still do some damage but she […]

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Inner City Workout

Having outgrown her local gym, the giantess had to find some other means of getting her daily gym exercise and in such as big city there is no short of buildings in which she could use as exercise equipment. While she was exercising with a pair of Dumbbells, and destroying a few building along the way, when a group […]

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“Oh No You Don’t!”

While feasting on a building full of tiny people the giant fox girl only just notices that there are a few escapees running around. Thinking that the  giantess hasn’t noticed their escape the few remaining tinies try to get as far away from her as they could possibly get. The giant fox girl unfortunately  notices the […]

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