She’s Busting Out of Her Clothes!

Giantess Busting Through Clothes

Carly had never been into hard drugs.  She was the social drinker, because of course everyone needs to get laid. Once in a while she would call Fred Stokes, her old pal from highschool when she wanted to smoke some weed. Today was one of those days.

Fred came with the weed and a sales pitch. ‘Carly, i’ve known you since highschool. You’ve always been letting guys push you around. I have something that can make that change today, and forever.’

Ofcourse, Carly the interested creature she was, delved further. ‘What is it?’ ‘It’s called G. Once you take it you can have total control of all men.’

Carly bought a pill of ‘G’ , and the weed. The rest, is history…’

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