Run For Your Lives

On a few occasions a giantess will come into a city with an intention to find one particular tiny but finding that person in a city with an infinite places to hide can be impossible to to make things easier for her she will completely destroy the city and hopefully this will flush out that particular tiny person. This giantess was chasing a tiny man when all of a sudden he ran into a nearby city. This made the task of catching him impossible as there was a lot of people she could mistake him for and a lot of buildings for a tiny man to hide in so rather then find the tiny man she was looking for she decided to flush him out by destroying the city this mean’t crushing a lot of innocent people  but it was worth it just to catch the tiny man she was looking for.

161778 - anime big-breasts city crush drawing giantess green_hair immenent_crush otonashi_kiruko people people_falling people_running police police_woman shinmai_fukei_kiruko-san vivi

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