Relaxing With The Little People

When a giantess is trying to relax some people will try their luck and see if they can climb her. Some giantesses will get annoyed and try to knock them away by moving the part of the body the climber is on, Others will just leave then alone as she knows they can’t hurt her and a very few actually encourage more tiny people to explore her as they enjoy the company of tiny people. This giantess was relaxing in the afternoon sun when she suddenly felt the touch of a tiny man on the bottom of her foot. She didn’t mind it however in fact she kind of enjoyed having a tiny man climb on her foot and soon she found that more tiny people had made their way on to her so instead of getting rid of them she let them go wherever they wanted as long as she could see them or they didn’t go anywhere they could get into trouble.

155425 - barefoot climbers countryside foot lying_down panties point_of_view shrunken_people swimsuit ビク太

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