Putting On A Show For The Tinnies

When destroying a city most giantesses don’t think about the tiny people hiding inside of buildings. Some giantesses will pick out one tiny person and claim them as her very own  but there are a few giantesses that will give the tiny people inside a building a show they will never forget with just her body. When this giantess arrived the first thing she noticed was a really tall building and the first thing she did was checking the windows to see all the tiny men and women hiding inside. The tiny people thought the giantess was going to completely destroy the building but to their surprise she decided to give them a show the wouldn’t soon forget. All the tiny people could do was watch as the giantess slowly destroyed the building as well as treating the tiny people inside to the perfect view of her gigantic body.


159038 - behind_view bikinis bridge buildings city collage destruction giantess ocean skyscrapers vandalism wonderslug

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