Oops, It Was An Accident!

This little girl isn’t the one to blame that she got so big. It was just her hormones.

She has always been clumsy, prone to tripping and falling. When she grew up, the situation didn’t change. She was constantly stumbling and this made her crush some cars and people. It was a blood bath down there but it wasn’t her fault.

Credit to Shironu-Akaineko

ChibiCrush Vintage

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4 Responses to Oops, It Was An Accident!

  1. I appreciate the credits, but really, would it be sooooo hard to ask permission first?

  2. While I don’t mind you sharing the picture, the lil story you came up with totally misrepresents my intentions with this piece. I am not okay with this whole hormones-clumsy-bloodbath thing. And this girl has a name.

  3. Akane says:


    I’m sorry you feel this way. If you request it, i’d be happy to take it down. Or I’ll even re write the story for you, or you can write your own 🙂

  4. I would kindly ask you to take it down, please.

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