New Ways To Destroy A City

Just because a giantess isn’t stand up doesn’t mean she is any less dangerous in fact some giantesses enjoy sitting or lying down on a city because they can get a better look at the tiny people as they watch her destroy their city. This giantess was so excited when she entered the city because she was so eager to destroy it but she also wanted to get a closer look at the tiny people as they ran for their lives so to get the best of both she decided to crawl on her hands and knees knocking over buildings using her butt as she made her way through the streets. In the middle of her fun the giantess was interrupted by a tank who was trying to take her down but to the tank was no match for the giantess as she lifted the tank off the floor. At first she was hesitant to slam the tank on the ground as she wanted something to take home with her but as she couldn’t put in on her person she decided she would wait until something better came along.

156979 - brunette building_destruction city city_destruction color destruction drawing eichikei giantess hakuto hands hand_crush hand_held kneeling long_hair mega_giantess pigtails smiling swimsuit

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