Exploring A New Environment

It is always a shock when a girl suddenly suffers a growth spurt as there is no telling how big she will get and when she does become a giantess it becomes even more difficult for her. Some giantesses start destroying buildings and bringing down cities, others will use their new size for good and help out the tiny community and some grow due to revenge and therefore they take out there anger on either one person or a small group of people. This city was going about it’s day to day lives when all of a sudden a giantess appeared out of nowhere. As she explored the city she noticed that there wasn’t many people and even the odd few people would end up crushed under her feet as she didn’t look where she was stepping and didn’t see the tiny person under foot. Te rest of the tiny people either ran into a building or ran out of town if fear of being crushed.


152402 - barefoot breasts chapter_7 city crush downward_angle jessi jessi_and_vicky poser tiny_mk

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