Never Stand Up A Giantess

A giantess will sometimes meet another giantess in a city but if she gets to the city early she has no choice but to wait for her friend to arrive . While she waits she will either just sit and wait or amuse herself with the tiny people living  in the city or the buildings that make up the city. This giantess had arranged to meet her friend in the nearby city but when she got their she found out that her   friend wouldn’t be able to meet her for a while. Knowing this the giantess decided to have some fun and play with the tiny city she was waiting in. As the day drew to a close her friend still hadn’t turned up so instead of waiting she decided to see if she could find her.

163640 - brunette collage giantess looking_into_distance megan_fox mega_giantess outdoors river sky skyscrapers

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