Look Out You Little Cars

Highways and roads are more fun then most giantesses think they are as when a giantess comes to town the roads leading in and out of town can get really busy  with tiny people trying to get out. Some giantess just ignore them and turn their attention to the city while other will forget about the city and focus on the tiny people trying to flee in their cars. When this giantess came to town she was immediately drawn to to the fleeing tiny people in their cars . The giantess made her way to the highway and when she got there she immediately chose one car from the traffic for her to play with. The giantess had the car now all she needed was a pace to sit and she couldn’t have chose the most awkward place as she has sat down in the middle of the road blocked the traffic from coming out and going in.

165824 - blonde boots buildings car cars city cleavage collage giantess handheld looking_at_viewer smile squatting stacy_keibler street wonderslug


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