Look Behind You Little Guy

It is surprising how stealthy a giantess can be especially when sneaking on an unsuspecting tiny man. This giantess thought she could sneak up on a tiny person but the problem was because she was so big a tiny person would alway hear her and would run away before she has the chance to take or eat them. This tiny man was working on top of a nearby building when the giantess came past him. This was perfect for her as because the tiny man was busy with his work he hadn’t seen her so the giantess decided to take her chance and sneak up  on the unsuspecting tiny man being as quite as she possibly could. As the giantess got closer she increasingly got a bit more worried as she was so sure he would hear her. When the giantess got to the building she was amazed to find he still hadn’t heard her so she took a final chance and prepared to eat him.

162635 - book brunette building city clothed giantess implied_vore poser vore

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