Let’s Look In Here Shall We

Before a giantess completely destroys a build her likes to have a sneak peek inside to see what is inside. If there is a tiny person inside she will grab them but if there is nothing of interest inside she will move on and continue to inspect the building until she has found something of interest. In the event that she doesn’t find anything of interest she will just destroy the building. This giantess came to the city with the intention of capturing a tiny man but the giantess didn’t want a tiny man on the streets as she thought they would be too easy to catch. The giantess was left with no choice but to go round all the building to check all the windows to see what is inside and if she was lucky she could catch a tiny man.

32367 - close_up collage giantess giantess_face green_eyes jessica_biel living_room looking_at_viewer mouth outside red_lipstick unknown_artist window

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