Your In A Lot Of Trouble Little Girl

When a giantess enters a city there are mixed reactions from the people living in the city. Some people will try to run from her, others will even try to get as close as they can to her knowing very that if they are careless they will get crushed but some of the smarter people will climb to the roof of various buildings just to get a better look at at a giantess. When this giantess arrived she got a mixed reception as half the cites occupants had all ran away. The ones that were left behind however wanted to see the giantess and the would do anything to do it. As the giantess made her way further in the city she  had noticed a single woman. Nobody knew why she had picked out the tiny woman but one thing was for sure the giantess wasn’t happy and the iny woman was in a lot of trouble.


161104 - alison_carroll city cleavage collage giantess lara_croft looking_at_viewer observation_deck sky skyscrapers wonderslug


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