It’s Time To Be Crushed

It was a quiet day in the city as you make your way to  work but the daily routine of city life was disrupted by a loud crash. You then turn your head to the direction that the crash is coming from but you can’t see the source of the noise because there is a lot of smoke and dust floating around. When the smoke clears you see that a giant girl as wondered into the city and is now on a rampage. You try to run away as the giantess comes in your direction and as the giantess gets closer you try to run for a building but there are so many people running the same way as you it can be hard to get anywhere because the crowd is pushing you back towards the giantess. Unfortunately for you the giantess singles you out. You expect the giantess to crush you straight away but when you see the giantess standing there you think you will get to live but your hopes are dashed as the giantess lifts and lowers her foot down towards you and before you know it she has brought her foot down with a mighty crash right on top of you crushing you instantly.



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  1. Nick says:

    I’ve had many thoughts like this before. 🙂

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