It’s Not Safe Here

When a giantess is in town it can be very dangerous for the tiny people who live there. Most tiny people get out of there as fast as they could but there are a few who stay behind some are so scared they are unable to move but others just want a better look at the giantess and therefore run the risk of getting crushed. This giantess had warned the tiny people to get out of town while they still could but a few of them didn’t listen. Secretly the giantess was quite pleased as destroying a city is no fun if there are no tiny people to crush along the way. The tiny people who were left couldn’t get away fast enough as the giant foot came down and crushed the tiny people underfoot.

154712 - blood blue_eyes blue_hair boots crush giantess manzi panties school_girl stomp upskirt violent

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  1. Nick says:

    If a giantess came to my town, I’d be foolish enough to hang around and look at her.

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