I’m So Glad I found You

When a giantess  arrive in a city she sometimes will have a tiny person she needs to find but that can be easier said then done as the tiny person the giantess wants won’t normally come out from their hiding place so the giantess will always have to go to them rather then them coming to her. This giantess was quite lucky as she had found the tiny man she was looking for quite quickly and he was on one of the balconies of a building and couldn’t get  away from her even if he tried. The giantess took this oppotunity and went up to the tiny man. The tiny man just stood there unable to move or say anything  because he was mesmerized by the movements of the giantess. Happy that the tiny man couldn’t move the giantess decided to have a little fun with him.

165149 - back_view beachfront blonde collage giantess houses looking_at_victim mega_giantess panties pedestrian sea topless

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