I Think I’ll Rest Here

After a day of destruction and wondering through the cities a giantess like nothing more then to have a nice rest but not all giantesses like to rest on land. Instead some giantesses prefer the sea to the land as there is nobody around for miles and the people who do come by are either swimmers or sailors but the problem is that it can get pretty lonely and there is nowhere to rest any part of her body. When this giantess wanted a rest she went out to sea as it looked peaceful. Just as she got comfy she saw a ship sail past her. The giantess didn’t want it near her so she decided to crush it but instead of crushing it with her feet or her butt she crushed it with her breasts by resting them on top of it causing it to sink.

165947 - breasts brunette cleavage clouds color destruction drawing giantess looking_at_victims ocean paulobarrios pirates sailors sea ship sky


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