I Love You Little Guy

Not all girls grow due to negative emotion some girls become grow in order to protect and care for a tiny person. All this girl wanted to do was protect her boyfriend but since she was smaller then he was she knew that she couldn’t protect him. One day he started to shrink. This was the perfect opportunity to show her shrunken boyfriend that she could take care of him since before he shrank he always took care of her and since he couldn’t take care of her any more she decided it was time to return the favour and take care of him whether he likes it or not. When the tiny man first saw her he was nervous as he didn’t know what her plans for him was but when the giantess hugged him against her chest he decided to go along with it and hugged her back and let her look after him.

162768 - blonde boomgts gentle giantess hug poser red_hair short_hair size_difference small_man

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