I Hope This Building Holds Out

Walking all day can tire even a giantess out so when she enters a town or city she likes to find a place to sit down but the problem is that cities and towns are far too small and a giantess can’t sit anywhere without completely destroying it. After a long day of walking this giantess had come across a small town. This was perfect as she had walked along way and she needed to have a rest and a sit down but as  the buildings were smaller then the ones n the last city she visited she wasn’t sure they could take her weight. The giantess went around the town looking for that perfect place to rest and having not found anything the giantess had no choice but to try to rest on a building. To her surprise the building she chose was really sturdy and could take her weight without causing too much damage having got comfortable the giantess decided she would stick around.


158730 - buildings collage feet flip_flops giantess looking_at_viewer sitting street sunglasses town wonderslug

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