How You Holding Up Down There?

If a giantess has a tiny man with her she will always takes him where ever she goes by putting him in her pocket but when a giantess can’t put her tiny man in her pocket she will often look for other places to put him. Her favorite place to put him is in between her breasts but every so often she will put in other places. When this giantess went to the beach she wanted to take her tiny man with her so to do that she had to put him in a place where she’ll know where he is. The giantess decided put him in her breasts but as her breasts were too sweaty he found it hard to stay in one place and he slipped and fell into her panties. The tiny man struggled to get out but that only succeeded into letting the giantess know where he was. The giantess didn’t bother to remove him as she thought  it was the perfect way for the tiny man to let the giantess where he is.

159215 - anime bikini_insertion blue_hair gentle giantess klan_klein looking_at_victim macross mega_giantess small_man swimsuit

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