Helping Out A Giantess

A giantess will always appreciate the help of a tiny man but there are only so many things a tiny man can do without her helping him. An evil giantess will try and push the tiny man to his limits but a gentle giantess will be more concerned about his well being. All this tiny man wanted to do was to help but the giantess was so busy with what she was doing she didn’t notice the tiny man trying to get her attention. The tiny man thought  long and hard until finally he came up with a great idea. To get the giantess’s attention the tiny man made his way to her foot  and started to climb it. The giantess could feel the tiny man on her foot and when she looked back she could see that the tiny man was holding something for her. The giantess felt a bit sorry for him as he was struggling to get to the top of her foot so when he was half up she decided to help him.


160271 - barefoot drawing feet giantess indoors pencil_drawing shrunken_man small_man sniper_rifle soles vivian

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