Hello In There

When a giantess enters a city all the tiny people either run out of town or hide in buildings and sometimes a giantess will try her luck and see if she can fish out at least one tiny person out of their hiding place. This giantess had just visited a city and no sooner as she entered the city she saw a big wheel and on that wheel were several pods which had tiny people in it.The giantess got curious and decided to have a closer look inside one of the pods.The tiny people inside were scared as they saw the face of the  giantess and before they knew it she had started to tap on the glass trying to get at the tiny people inside. After a few taps the giantess had broken the glass and  once she felt the glass break the giantess knew she was one step closer to her prize.


157422 - accasbel broken_glass city closeup collage face fingers giantess london_eye looking_at_viewer smile teeth vanessa_hudgens

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