Hello In There

Curiosity can sometimes get the better of a giantess as there are so many buildings around and she can’t help but look inside the windows to see what she can find. If she finds a tiny person she likes she will either grab them or just simply wave hello but on to make things more fun for her she will do both wave and grab, When this giantess came to town she became more interested at what was inside the buildings. As she went looking through each and every building she gradually got disappointed as there was nothing of interest inside but when she got to the last building she noticed something that would catch her interest. Inside one of the windows was a tiny man but this tiny man wasn’t like any other as all of the tiny men she saw just ran away from her bu this tiny man didn’t seem the least but scared despite not nothing what the giantess was like. The tiny man decided to take a chance and wave to her hoping the giantess would see him. Fortunately for him the giantess saw him and waved back as she decided whether or not to take the tiny man for herself.

125021 - black_hair buildings city cleavage collage giantess jr looking_in outside_window smile wave

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