Great Workout!

We have all been to a fitness gym to shred some weight or just to be more fit, but it is not that much fun. This giantess goes to a gym, which offers quite a new exercise – crushing little people. It requires more strength than you think and it’s really useful.


Just see how satisfied is the giantess. It looks like this is the most effective exercise in the world… I wish I knew the name of the fitness gym.


Credit to Giantess-7of9

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  1. MkCuf says:

    Hi, Akane, your site is beautiful, and I’m very happy that you choose some of my works to post them here.
    Really, I’m very glad that you did that, but unfortunately I can’t see any credits to the author.
    All my creations are released under the Creative Common License (You can better understand it here: ).

    In other words, you can freely use and distribute my works on your site but:
    1. you can’t ask money for them
    2. you have to give credit to the author.

    I hope we could chat about giantess one day.
    Regards, by MkCuf.

  2. Anton Chigurh says:

    Well I for one am highly upset over this posting. There is NO NUDITY!!! I wanna see giant tits big enough to crush cars! I wanna see the fuckin and the suckin and hi rise buildings stickin out of her gargantuan pussy!!

    This is very disappointing………

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