Giantess On Board

It’s not just on land that a giantess can find something new and interesting in fact the sea is full of boats and other things that a giantess can play with in different ways. The bigger giantesses will pick up the boats and either destroy or play with them but if the giantess is smaller she will pick up a boat but she will play with it in different ways. This giantess had been swimming for a while when all of a sudden she started to get tired and needed a rest. Just as she was about to go back to land the giantess came across a huge ship. The ship looked like it could take her weight but as the giantess really needed a rest she decided to take a chance . When she came to rest her arms  on the ship the back of the ship began to sink but all she was concerned about is getting her rest so with one mighty push the giantess managed to lift herself out of the water and on to the ship for a nice rest.



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