Giantess and Little Man

Giantess and Little manLooks like our sexy giantess has found a new toy to play with. I bet she’s having lots of fun, but what about him?

While she was walking on the street, she passed by a block of flats and saw in one of the apartments a nice naked guy. She decided that she wants him and will do everything to get it.

So she reached out to the window and grabbed him. He was so tiny and helpless. At first he was very afraid of her but when he realized that she doesn’t want to hurt him, he calmed down.

Now they are best friends, and maybe something more. What a fun game they are playing…

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7 Responses to Giantess and Little Man

  1. David says:

    I like her to take me as her tiny friend!

  2. Lewis says:

    She would be the ultimate girl friend

  3. Admin says:

    Isn’t she attractive?

  4. harry says:

    I want her to eat me or be her slave

  5. Lorenzo Moore says:

    I am a adult baby diaper lover this would be a good wish for me to have a pretty woman this tall to hold me in her hand and play with me like this.

  6. Eric says:

    wow she is so hot if i could i would dump my girlfriend and be her mini boyfriend

  7. tyebine says:

    He’s got no clothes but her hand is nice and warm.

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