Giantess A To Z Comic Release

J Yubari and the team at Giantess fan proudly present Giantess A to Z a comic that focuses on the gentle side of the giantess. For those of you who like the gentle giantess this comic doesn’t disappoint as it is about  a geeky librarian who gets a hard time by her boss, who grows to be a mini giantess with the help of a spell book and all she wants is a boyfriend who isn’t scared of heights.

When Penelope “Pinch” Finch, a short, shy and sweet young librarian stumbles across a book of spells, curiosity gets the better of her. After accidentally casting a spell on herself, she starts to grow bigger and bigger. Being a nerd is hard enough for a young woman like her, but being a giant nerd is almost too much for her to handle. She longs for someone who’ll understand, ideally someone without a fear of heights.

Tags: Mini-GTS, Gentle, Growth

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