From A Different Perspective

Every man dreams of one day seeing the city from high up  but not most people only see the city from a plane. This man however had just befriended a giantess. When he told her about his dream of viewing the city from high up she offered to help him and before he knew it she had lifted him up off the ground and he was now in the palm of her hand. The giantess then took her new friend on a tour all around the city making sure he got a good look at the city down bellow him. After a while the giantess decided it was time to rest so she found a nice building to sit down on. Fortunately the building was sturdy enough to take the weight of the giantess so she could rest without causing a problem. Just then a group of men walked past her and being the friendly type she decided to say hello but she needed both hands free so she put her little friend in her cleavage for safety. The two tiny men stood in shock as they had never seen a giantess before just then they noticed the tiny man in her top but as they also saw the giantess waving at them they decided it was only polite to wave back.


29909 - blonde breasts chasing gentle giantess hands high_heels poser romantic tonto_blackadder

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