Extreme Measures

Some giantesses really enjoy a foot rub but since there are hardly any other giant people around she has no choice but to use the tiny people to rub her feet but since they will run from a giantess she has to resort to extreme measures just to get a foot rub. This man was in his home just minding his own business when all of a sudden he heard aloud crash. When  he had turned around he saw that a giantess had put one of her feet through the wall of his home and was demanding for a foot rub. When the tiny man refused the giantess used her toes to pull the wall apart piece by piece. The tiny man eventually gave up and gave her a foot rub just to save what was left of his home. As the tiny man did a great job she decided to take him with her and use him as her foot slave and to satisfy her in other ways.


156406 - apartment barefoot collage damage destruction giantess hole looking_at_viewer looking_inside man nikemd pedicure sofa soles

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  1. Nick says:

    Sexy! I love it.

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