Don’t Struggle Little Guy

If there is one thing that will annoy a tiny man if relaxing in his home only to find a giantess reach inside his window trying to grab him and taking him with her where ever she goes. All this tiny man wanted to do was to enjoy a nice quiet evening at home and everything was going well but  the tiny man didn’t count on a passing giantess. The giantess only wanted to pass through the city but as she passed his house she decided to stop and see if she could reach him. The tiny man was shocked to find a giant hand had  broken through his window and was heading right towards him. He tried to dodge it but he couldn’t dodge quick enough and he was caught by the giantess, The giantess was pleased she had caught him as she had some fun things in mind for him to do with her.

161729 - between_fingers blonde boomgts building city commission_b dangle giantess glasses kidnapping looking_at_victim poser skirt small_man


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