Do Cars Make Good Foot Rests?

Traveling from one city to another in a short amount of time is easy for a giantess but their feet can get a bit dirty as they don’t pay attention to where they are going. All this giantess want to do was to sit down and put her feet up but where could she go and put up her feet? She tried buildings at first and they worked but after a while they couldn’t take the weight of her foot and collapsed so she had to find somewhere else to go. She thought about gathering up a crowd of tiny people and used them as a foot rest but then she thought it would be a bad idea as tiny people are weak and fragile and it would end up in a huge mess. While thinking she noticed she put her foot on a car which seemed to take her the weight of her foot really well and it was comfortable for her so she decided to relax using the car as a foot rest.

155251 - asian barefoot buildings city clouds collage crushed_car giantess looking_at_viewer sitting sky soles

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