Constructive Destruction

Some giantesses just love to destroy things and that can cause massive problems for the tiny people but one clever giantess has thought of a way she could help the city and still destroy buildings at the same time. This giantess decided to get a job on a building site. When she first approached the tiny building site most of  the builders had already ran away but luckily the person she wanted to see was still here. The tiny foreman wasn’t the least but scared in fact when the giantess asked for a job at his construction site. The foreman knew exactly what to do with this giantess and she was put in charge of making sure the old buildings were completely destroyed before the builder came in and started work on a new building. So without another word the giantess got to work and her first take was to destroy an old abandoned hotel and put the rubble in a dump truck.


162815 - buildings building_demolition city cleavage clouds construction demolition giantess hard_hat low_angle mike973 poser safety_glasses sky street trucks

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