Care To Dance Little Guy

It is not easy being a giantess especially when looking for a date as most tiny men would be intimidated by her size and even if she does find a date it would be hard to go anywhere as most places can’t accommodate a giantess. When this giantess got invited to a dance she was really happy but on the invitation it said to bring a plus one but since her growth spurt  most of her male friends had avoided her completely so the giantess had no choice but to go to the dance alone. When she got to the dance most of the tiny people had left  as soon as they saw her. Feeling left out the giantess was about to go home when all of a sudden she noticed that one tiny man was left behind. The giantess decided to take her chance and ask he tiny man to dance with her. At first the tiny man wasn’t sure but since he was alone he decided to take up the giantess’s offer and dance with her.


Ballroom, Royal Hotel Scarborough

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