Attack Of The Giant Schoolgirls

Schoolgirls love their play time as it gives them a chance to go off somewhere and hang out with their friends but when a giantess schoolgirl wants to hang around with her friend in peace and quiet that can be a bit of a problem. These four friend have tried desperately to find a nice quiet place to hang out and chat but where is there to go when your a giantess. The four friends decided to give up trying to find somewhere and stop in the city for a little fun. One giantess loved collecting things and decided before the giantesses had their fun she would find something to take home with her as a small souvenir. The giantess decided she was going to take a house full of people with her so she could play with then later. Another giantess decided she was going to do the same and take a train with her so she could save it for later.

155297 - anime city crushed_buildings destruction dress giantesses handheld helicopter loli manzi point_of_view sailor_uniform school_girl shoes sky socks underfoot upward_angle


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