Apex Rush 2 from Giantess Fan Comics has been released

Quote from J. Yubari…

“Following the well-received release of Apex Rush I had no other option but to produce a second chapter. Well folks, here you have it – Apex Rush chapter 2!

Synopsis: Earth. The 23rd century. Something big is happening in New Imperium City; something that will shake the Stellar Federation to its core. Something that wears size 10 shoes. Ten feet, that is. Meet Captain Judy Longbow; Federation starfighter pilot extraordinaire. With the war over, her big-time life as a soldier is winding down. She’s still adjusting back to being one of the little people but then again she’s looking forward to it. New shoes, new friends, and maybe even a new body; if that body-altering formula her friend Monica has invented works. Imagine having the physique you’ve always wanted by taking just one little pill…if it works…if…”

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