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From J. Yubari –

“Hey there fans!

As usual I am pleased to announce the release of our latest comic production Amazon Hotel – chapter 2! The reception to the first chapter was so phenomenal that we had no other choice but to bring out a sequel. Shout out to Thesonandheir, who did a wonderful job with the writing on this one, as well as Wang with his killer lines and colors.

What goes down in this chapter? Well, I would never want to spoil anything… so it’s better if you check out the preview.

“A honeymooning couple check into a holiday resort populated by giant women. This unique resort allows female guests to live out their fantasies as towering Amazon giantesses. A newlywed couple, Sabrina and Josh, book into the hotel for their honeymoon and prepare for some growing and giantess fun!”

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Check out Amazon Hotel – chapter 2 here: Amazon Hotel 2 Download

Thanks again for your continued support fans! “

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