Accidents Will Happen

Everyone knows that a city needs to be kept clean, after a giantess as destroyed it as a giantess does not want to rampage in a filthy city but how does a city keep so clean after a giantess attack. Shortly after a giantess leaves a city a giant maid will come and clean the mess that was left behind by the previous giantess but trying to keep a city clean when your a giantess is no easy feat as she will need to watch where she steps as there will be tiny people under foot and she would also need to beware of small towers that she could catch her dress on. This maid was so busy cleaning a building that she didn’t notice that her dress was caught on a small tower giving the tiny people bellow a great view of her butt. The giantess only noticed this when some tiny men started taking pictures of her butt. She wasn’t a violent girl but she needed to put a stop to it so she stopped cleaning the building and turned her attention to the tiny men but how she was going to deal with them was a mystery but one thing is certain it would be very messy.


156394 - anime butt city clothed panties point_of_view sky skyscrapers upskirt upward_angle

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