A Tiny Man’s Mission

A tiny man will do what ever it take just to be near a giantess even if it means being crushed in the process. Most tiny men will try to climb her leg but only a few will actually make it to the top. When a giantess came to town all the tiny people had fled but one tiny man had stayed behind. The tiny man wanted  to be  near the giantess. He thought about climbing the giantess but them he remembered that many people had done that before him and almost all of them had failed. The tiny man wasn’t about ti give up as he had the great idea of hiring a helicopter and flying to the giantess. When the tiny man got to the giantess he was amazed to find how beautiful she was but to his disappointment he found out the giantess wasn’t looking at him so the tiny man did everything he could to try and grab the giantess’s attention.


159332 - buildings cleavage color drawing giantess helicopter riho_futaba sitting sky upward_angle


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