A Rude Awakening

When you are asleep there is nothing more shocking them waking up and finding that you have been shrunk and to make matters worse this little man had shrunk next to his wife who was a massive giantess compare to him. Fortunately she was fast asleep and hadn’t seen him yet. The tiny man  was undecided about what to do should he stay and try to get help from the giantess sleeping next to him or should he try to hide and hope that the giantess doesn’t see him. Whatever the tiny man decided he must have done it quick because it wouldn’t be too long before the giantess woke up.



After a restless night you awake with a strange feeling that something is not quite right. You hear loud breathing and a warm breeze coming from above. You are shadowed by something large and round, mountainous maybe. You take a closer look only to see that its the bare chest of your girlfriend only now shes 50ft tall. You cant help but lust over the sight.

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