A Rare Photo Opportunity

When a girl grows into a giantess the first thing she likes to have a bit of fun. A giantess idea of fun can vary depending on what the giantess likes. It can be as dangerous as destroying a city or humiliating a tiny person but it can also be as harmless as wondering through a city and looking to have some harmless fun. While on a trip to the city a photographer was busy taking photos with one of his models when all of a sudden a giantess came up and posed for his picture. All  the photographer wanted to do is to take picture with his model but because the giantess loved the camera so much  she couldn’t help but get into every picture he took. Just then the photographer had an idea and when they got to a studio he decided to take a photo of both his model and the giantess and soon after the photographer hired her to work for him as a model. It didn’t take long of the giantess accept his offer and soon she was his most popular model.


158876 - building clouds color drawing giantess point_of_view skirt sky tie uniform upward_angle

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