A Major Road Block

When looking for a place to sit a giantess has to be careful as there are a lot of things she could sit on and that is just in the city. When this giantess was looking for a place to sit but she didn’t realise she had sat in the most awkward place outside a city  in fact she had chosen to sit on a busy road and that can be dangerous probably not so for her but for the cars that drive along the road as they could crash into her. From what she could see the road didn’t look that busy but behind her a long line of traffic was building up. The cars would have to wait as the giantess wasn’t going to move anytime soon as she had set her sights on a nice car and when she does finally move she plans to take that car with her.


156431 - barefoot blocking_traffic blonde cars cleavage collage docop giantess jenni_czech legs sitting street

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