A Kiss Goodnight

Befoe she goes to sleep a gentle giantess just loves a good night kiss from her favorite tiny man but as she sleeps there is always one other tiny person who’s out to cause trouble or take advantage of the sleeping giantess being very careful not to wake her up. While this tiny man made sure his giant friend was asleep he fail to noticed that a second tiny man had somehow sneaked into her home carrying a step ladder. The tiny man made his to the bottom of the giantess clothes. The tiny man knew very well what would happen it him if the giantess woke up  and caught him but from loking at her he knew that the giantess wasn’t going to wake up any time soon and her tiny friend wasn’t looking n his direction so for now he was safe but it would only take the slightest bit of noise for one them to catch on to the tiny man as he carefully made his way up the ladder.


157339 - bed cleavage climber giantess kiss poser shrunken_man sleeping yukitan

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