A Good Foot Rub is Hard To Find

Every so often a giantess just loves  to get a nice foot rub but finding someone to give her a foot rub is almost impossible as one tiny person rubbing her foot will just not cut it. That didn’t stop this giantess however as she had been walking all day and was in need of a good foot rub. The giantess tried to get one tiny man to rub her feet but even his best efforts weren’t nearly good enough as he was just too small so the giantess decided to try something else. The giantess thought long and hard on what to do and  then she thought if one tiny person couldn’t rub her feet then she would get a large group to rub her feet for her. The problem was that finding that many tiny people that was willing to rub her feet. The giantess then remembered that she was in a large city. At first the giantess asked the tiny people nicely to rub her feet but when they refused she decided to she what would happen if they didn’t rub her feet. When her foot came crashing down on part of their city the tiny people decided it was time to get to work and rub her feet.


160687 - barefoot city collage crushed_buildings destruction drawing edit feet giantess panties sitting sole trayx zero_no_tsukaima

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