A Giantess Vacation

Not all giantesses go to a city to destroy it some giantess go to simply take a vacation and relax. Some giantess love to take a vacation alone just to get some quite time by herself but other prefer to take a vacation with a friend whether it be a fellow giantess or a tiny man. When this giantess went on vacation she decided to take her friend, a fellow giantess as she could have more fun if she went with someone her size rather then a tiny man. When the two giantesses arrived they noticed that the city was way to small to vacation there so they decided to find somewhere nearby to vacation. Once they found the perfect place they decided to go to the city and see what fun things there were to do but before they did they decided to take a photo of them neat the city.


162488 - accasbel airplane_view barefoot bay blonde boat brunette buildings collage dress feet giantess hayden_panettiere parachuter smile vanessa_hudgens water

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