A Front Row View

If a giantess has a grudge on one particular tiny person they will do what ever it takes to crush or humiliate them but sometimes the tiny they are looking for will be hiding in a building thinking that the giantess will just give up but the giantess won’t stop until she gets what she wants. Most giantess will just simply smash through a window and grab the tiny as it is simple and straight forward but some will try other tactics first. This tiny had made the mistake of angering a giantess and she had run inside a building hoping the giantess wouldn’t notice her. The giantess would not give up and instead of reaching in and grabbing the the tiny woman she tried something else. To lure the tiny woman out the giantess picked up her car and crushed it right in front of her. The tiny woman didn’t dare to budge and the giantess had resort to the traditional way of reaching in and taking the tiny woman herself.



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